Lead Works -

Lead is one of man’s most valuable commodities. Occurring naturally in the environment, the metal is mined and processed in over 60 countries. Lead has some important properties, in particular malleability (i.e. it can be hammered into shape), ease of production, ease of melting and joining, and has a very high resistance to corrosion. As a result, it is now widely used across the roofing industry, of which works can include Lead roofs, Lead Flashings, Lead Valley Gutters, Lead Box Gutters and even decorative lead mouldings.

Lead working is very much a specialist craft and here at Jardine Roofing Ltd our tradesman are very highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of lead working, including residential homes, to commercial buildings and even grade a listed buildings. Whatever your needs might be, and no matter the size of the project, we will be able to cater for your needs.